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Heads Doodlin’

Cliftonville- living here

So all these months have gone by since I’ve been in Margate, and this is the outcome: A shiny website full of short stories shared by the people that live in Cliftonville.

Die Couch

Here is the exhibition programme I designed for Gallerie Nord’s show about Freud, entitled ‘Die Couch’.

Cliftonville Week 1

This has been my first week in Cliftonville, Margate and so far it has surpassed my expectation. The people I have met, the communities I have been in touch with have been so friendly and inviting.

At the start of the week I met the owner of Walpole Bay Hotel, Jane Bishop. She was giving a talk to a group of 40 seniors about the history of her Edwardian hotel and invited me to tag along. She retold the fascinating story of her and her husbands love affair with the hotel, and purchase in the 90’s when it was about to be demolished. Not only has the hotel been restored to its former Edwardian style glory, but Jane has created a museum dedicated to memorabilia and documentation of the Isle of Thanet, where people are so dedicated to the cause that they donate their precious historic artifacts to Jane and the museum for their display. Brilliant stuff! Jane was a top host, friendly and full of stories, and even offered me tea and a biscuit in china from a by gone era.

I have lots more planned for next week, let’s see what direction the project will take! So I’ll leave you a beautiful view of the coastline I took whilst out running this morning.

Cliftonville Residency

Hello! I’m writing this post from Cliftonville, Margate. I’ve been appointed as an artist in residence for the month of November at Resort Studios. I’ll be off wandering around the town and meeting locals who will be sharing their stories with me. This will in turn be developed into an interactive map where I will create various narratives of plot points on a map of Cliftonville. Areas of interest will include: Shell Grotto, Lovely’s Gallery, Walpole Bay Hotel, Oval Gardens, Winter Gardens, and many more. Do you have a story to share? If so, please do get in touch, as I’d love to hear from you.

Die Couch for Gallerie Nord

Here is an exhibition catalogue cover I’ve recently designed for Gallerie Nord in Germany. They chose a different design of mine in the end which I still like, but this one was my favourite! Check it out!

Chloe’s Lung

A nice little project for a Freakscene record release. It will be a postcard that is actually a record you can play on your record player. I don’t know how it works, but it does. The song for this one is based on a book by Boris Vian called Froth on the Daydream - which has been made into a film by Michel Gondry.

A website for all things ‘Stan’

Hey! Check out the awesome webiste little digital made for my book ‘Stan’. A place you can find all the archival material that was involved in the making of my book - and includes a few sneaky pages taken from the book.

Skillshare illustration

A fun little illo job i’ve just finished for Skillshare in Staffordshire who provide training for parents with children who have special needs.


I’m graduating from the RCA in a couple of weeks. We have a show. It starts on the 18th June and runs till the 29th June. You will be able to read my comic book STAN and if you want to, you’ll be able to buy it. They’ll be 10 limited edition hand bound, hardback copies to purchase.

Oh and did I mention that the book won the Quentin Blake prize for best narrative? Yes it did.

This is the dedication page of my new comic…